TARDO Group of Companies.
Tardo Filipinas Inc.
TECH-SERVICE Group of Companies (Russia)
TARDO Russia.
TARDO Ge Llc (Georgia)

TARDO the group of companies which represents the interests of very huge private investors and carry out the regulation process of common investment portfolio.
TARDO group is involved in various business streams such as financial, technological, infrastructural and energetic.
We realize investments into various projects connected with conventional and alternative power grids, development of infrastructure, communication lines. Owing to our vast business ties in the USA, Europe, Latin America, South-Eastern Asia, Russia we readily render assistance in development and increase of export from any country, search for new business contacts and potential buyers of local produce.
TARDO provides a high level of service to all of it's Clients based upon principles of fairness honesty and integrity.
We strive to build a partnership with our customers in order to expand our knowledge and capabilities to meet the customer's needs.

Building a relationship, we believe that the foundation is critical to our success.

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